Pursuit of Wonders
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Throughout his life Andreas Züst was fascinated by natural phenomena. As a student of glaciology, he spent several months in the vicinity of Thule, Greenland, as a member of a research team of the ETH Zurich. The characteristic feature of the resulting collection of slides is that they deal with «ice» in its most diverse forms. The blue-opaque glow of the ice, best visible in the original presentation as a slide show, determines the totality of the images. «Pursuit of Wonders» - edited by Mara Züst and designed by Studio Krispin Heé - tells both, ice structures and traces of a researcher's life - separately, but connected by the atmospheric proximity, as an unreal journey through the ice, accompanied by contributions from artist friend Peter Mettler, the cultural scientist Verena Kuni, and the artists Jimena Croceri and Sarina Scheidegger.