Bekannte Bekannte 1
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Bekannte Bekannte 1 is the first and legendary photo album of Zurich-based painter, photographer, naturalist and publisher Andreas Züst, with additional photographs by his friends. “Bekannte Bekannte” are 561 snapshots or carefully arranged tableaux (many of them created with the help of artist Olivia Etter) with sharp-tongued, detailed captions—a collective book of mementos, a photographic register of over 600 personalities who have graced the social scenes of Zurich, Cologne, Hamburg, and elsewhere over the past years in the 1970s and 80s. You may know them from seeing, now you can find out who they are.

With an afterword by David Weiss (only in german)
Bekannte Bekannte 1 (PDF, 34.3 MB)

(out of print)