Bekannte Bekannte 2
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In the second volume of “Bekannte Bekannte”, Andreas Züst continues his very own social register, a collective record that transcends social boundaries. This photographic register—created between 1987 and 1996—now strives to be almost complete. Over 1400 are portrayed in over 1600 photographs. Most of them are connected to culture and the media; they are predominantly denizens of the art world. Complemented by contributions from fourty guest photographers, “Bekannte Bekannte” is a fascinating, panoptical archive of ten exciting years in Zurich. “Bekannte Bekannte 2” again names all the names, listed in an index, and supplies each photograph with an illuminating caption, written, among others, by Michelle Nicol, Urban Gwerder, Peter Weber, Plinio Bachmann, Juri Steiner, Thomas Kling, Olivia Etter, and Caroline Kesser. “If you get involved, the book makes you addicted to faces and stories.” (Peter P. Schneider, Tages-Anzeiger, Zurich)