Andreas Züst, o.T.Andreas Züst, o.T.
Andreas Züst, o.T.Andreas Züst, o.T.
Andreas Züst, o.T.Andreas Züst, o.T.
Andreas Züst, Olivia EtterAndreas Züst, Olivia Etter
Andreas Züst, Christof Kohlhöfer, 1985Andreas Züst, Christof Kohlhöfer, 1985
Andreas Züst, o.T.Andreas Züst, o.T.
Andreas Züst, o.T., 1994Andreas Züst, o.T., 1994
Andreas Züst, o.T.Andreas Züst, o.T.
Andreas Züst, o.T.Andreas Züst, o.T.
Andreas Züst, o.T. (Fotogramm), 1991Andreas Züst, o.T. (Fotogramm), 1991

Andreas Züst’s period of artistic production began in the 1970s and ended with his early death in the year 2000. This thirty-year period was characterized by diverse photographic and painterly involvements, as Züst engaged with themes as varied as our society’s design mania (whether in graphic or architectural production), nature’s often incomprehensible beauty, and humanity’s stunning diversity.

As different as these topics appear to be, they were united in their treatment by Züst, who approached them in a way fundamentally true to himself. One consistent and distinguishing quality of his oeuvre is the extensive, seemingly comprehensive series, often composed of over one hundred individual images. This preoccupation with the image cycle, the series, meant that Züst’s estate includes 1,200 photographs of celestial phenomena; 500 photographs of ice formations; 560 photographs of colors and structures found in nature; 2,300 photographs of gyros; and some 2,000 images that fall under the broad rubric of “People, Animals, Adventures.” There exist 1,600 rolls of negatives, each one including thirty-six pictures, each image an attempt to document the happenings of the seventies, to capture bar scenes and exhibition openings, people and their stories. And the artist did all of this using, primarily, a small, hand-held camera. This comprehensive visual archive has been housed in the Graphics Collection of the National Library in Bern since the end of 2012.

In turn, Züst’s oeuvre of paintings, which long accompanied his photographs, included some 300 works on wood and canvas, as well as countless works on paper. The artist created these painted images using natural dyes made from sources including logwood and mushrooms. To make his photographic exposures, he typically used silver nitrate.

The work of Andreas Züst is represented in the following collections:
Kunstsammlung Bundesamt für Kultur Bern
Graphische Sammlung Schweizerische Nationalbibliothek Bern
Kunstsammlung Kanton Zurich
Kunstsammlung der Stadt Zurich
Graphische Sammlung ETH Zurich
Fotomuseum Winterthur
Museum am Bellpark Kriens
Fotosammlung der Schweizer Zellweger Luwa AG
Kunstsammlung Klinik Hirslanden Zurich
Sammlung Schweizerische Rückversicherung Zurich
Sammlung Credit Suisse
Bank Julius Bär
Deloitte AG 

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Andreas Züst, o.T. (Workington)
Andreas Züst, o.T. (Workington)